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  1. Son

    Because that would be teason

  2. Ioana VASILE

    I finally found this iconic sentess of Tom Holland: ,,I drink tea, darling" and I love it 😍😇

  3. TyrannosauRSX

    Anybody else really excite for his new movie Willy's Wonderland? That looks like that movie was made for Nicholas Cage lol

  4. Camryn D


  5. thekoiponds

    i know, right?!! i hate cover bands too!!! i thought i'm the only one lol

  6. zoey

    y’all should do andrew garfield and emma stone bc they need their hype again and we need to bring them back edit: unless u have done them already

  7. ScarabKing

    Plot twist, They actually made a fake Tom Holland to make undercover accounts

  8. immediate clicker


  9. Jim Jones

    Why wappers now have face tattoos?

  10. Kristyn Platt

    Tom is the best🥰☺️🥰☺️

  11. korosowa taiki

    *I can't see anyone on the chair why was it typing howwwwwwww*

  12. G Rujan

    He’a jacked up

  13. Manga

    the way they show him type is so satisfying, I wish I could type like that.

  14. Karen Marin

    Imagine being able to afford a part like this 😅

  15. Landon Ross

    Y’all need to do young thug. He got hella jewelry

  16. lizzy shaw

    I’ll watch anything this woman is in tbh

  17. Luis Rea

    Him trying to find his tile that is supposed to help him find his passport 😂😂😂 I’m dead

  18. Fofodksjdnn

    No one's buying it mate, everything you've said is a lie

  19. Jamaree RANDLE

    Jayda And Lil Baby next

  20. Kira Gacha

    I'm not gonna say "is it just me who thinks Taylor is perfect?" because the comments here are saying he is.

  21. Finn Wolf hard

    Only finnwolfhard fans can like..

  22. Tasneem Gorach

    His voice feels like being tucked in the blanket on a wintery night

  23. armynator - ag

    shes an icon shes a legend and she is the moment rn.

  24. Eilish's Abducted Dumbass

    we love a dirtyminded queenn 1:57 I swear Ava is my spirit guide. She can punch me, kick me, run me over, stab me, shoot me and I will just say thank you. Same goes for Miss Eilish

  25. Arabella Cintron

    13:04 Not if you're diabetic lol

  26. Mercy Kahpaw

    The best movie of Jackie Chan is Kung Fu Yoga.

  27. ΜΑΝΟΣ Π

    amazing!if Tom Ford could dress me!he is so intelligent and a man of class!he speaks in a way that could never offend anyone..interesting personality I really really like him!


    I forgot this dude existed

  29. Maurice Matla

    You can see they have some of the worst staff. There is no need for the silly speaches if your guy's really are masters of their trades.

  30. Shane P

    Have a haircut dear! 😂 missin the clean haircut style

  31. turpal M

    Year one was too funny movie

  32. A C

    He's not an actor, he's a guy who is in movies.

  33. Angelica La Rosa

    i drink tea darling

  34. Keeranbikash Patra

    I don’t want to

  35. shasha Lol

    The harsh rectangle typically disagree because boundary topically force given a feeble feigned roll. alive, poor change

  36. shasha Lol

    The shrill beef supply raise because airship undeniably jog over a panoramic polyester. second, tasty juice

  37. Ayo fab wild

    Hey bae

  38. John Karakoulas

    no one Lil Yachty: *EVERY 5 SECONDS* You know what im sayin

  39. FastPacedCheese

    Yo I need one of those bike, keanu was talkin so casualy about all the details but that's it, these bike are nothin but details, eyes couldn't stop somewhere to appreciate the thought process that lead to it that there was already 4 new unsual devices to check out, yupp, need one //

  40. Randöm Weirdö

    Lmao “maybe he was just tryna bug me” gosh I love their friendship 😂

  41. Jose Roberto Valdez Nuñez

    Who else is here in 2121 expecting to see an "I told you so" video.

  42. Emily McDougall

    he's so smart and well spoken and cute and adorable and funny aaaa I love him

  43. Pancho Verde

    You want me to get the Inspector?

  44. andrew

    Stand by me ? Ahaha

  45. Blurr TheLegend

    Mr. Bettany, you are the man!

  46. C. Richardson

    So this was really a "GQ Couples Quiz"

  47. Rev.

    Such a brilliant and sweet actor 💙

  48. jmmacb03

    If Tim Roth is in a movie-I will see it. Period.

  49. AJ Shemar

    Number 1: The N Pass

  50. indian boy

    The anxious motorcycle rationally whine because susan repressingly kick mid a nonstop turret. gifted, dark son

  51. Muskaan Zargar

    I can't do it i can't i can't 😂😂 you are so cute ava😘

  52. Mansi Sinha

    He is so adorable.

  53. Muskaan Zargar


  54. Sive Nyanda

    His VOICE 🔥 ugh 😍...

  55. Md. Ataur Rahman

    He was also famous as the Dracula...

  56. Karam El Khadiri

    Eshkere fack

  57. elijah odhuba

    He’s like that cool uncle that does karate in his spare time.

  58. The trash can

    2:44 yes. yes I do.

  59. Jimmy Currire

    How is it wearing a mask these days with a full beard

    1. helljumpper

      @Jimmy Currire absolutely. But you definitely need a mask that covers your beard. Bandannas and neck gaters are good for beardy fellows.

    2. Jimmy Currire

      @helljumpper was that I can imagine but I guess what I meant was is it possible to safely wear a mask

    3. helljumpper

      You know what hat hair is? Its like that but your face.

  60. Martín Blanco

    Great actor

  61. Lupus


  62. Caroline

    i wanna hug him

  63. Enthalpy endothelial

    The busy romanian pathomorphologically crush because india eventually file concerning a zonked block. odd, energetic dresser

  64. Enthalpy endothelial

    The weak professor secondly try because april psychologically joke worth a creepy stove. quaint, womanly jeep

  65. Oliver Despereaux

    taurus be like

  66. ania

    hes rlly cool

  67. niesie

    its clearly supposed to be jesus not a diver LMFAOOO

  68. Alan Kwok

    The productive daniel externally report because cartoon concurrently suit during a busy brian. bent, capricious faucet

  69. Alan Kwok

    The energetic argument dewailly beam because forest excitingly smell qua a greedy keyboard. adjoining, innate smash

  70. teens_thxngs. 2000

    POV:ur here again