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    On this episode of Actually Me, February cover star Zendaya goes undercover on the Internet and responds to real comments from KGup, Twitter, Instagram, Quora, IMDb and Wikipedia. Who is her favorite Harry Potter character? Does she have any tips on dealing with stress and anxiety?

    Check out Zendaya's new film "Malcolm & Marie" out February 5th on Netflix.
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    Zendaya Goes Undercover on KGup, Twitter and Wikipedia | GQ

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    1. Soleil Or

      i am the gryffindor

    2. goatballer

      Gf said said zendaya was ugly shes single now

    3. Rojina Karimirad

      1:49 that profile pic thooo i approve :)

    4. Simply Shaye

      She needs a KGup channel

    5. morpheus

      You all don’t release how hard I screamed *YES,* when she said Harry is her favorite character ... Seriously, he doesn’t get enough appreciation for the sh- he’s done and been through, throughout the overall franchise. He’s my fav character by far and he most definitely is “a G” lol

    6. Naomi Spencer

      Zendaya I don't think you will ever see this but you are amazing and soooo talented. I admire you so much and everything that you do and congrats on your Emmy. I hope you win an Oscar!

    7. Magic Skillz

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    8. mel

      zendaya should be the spokesperson to make a veggie cup o noodles lmaoo

    9. morlnsk

      This woman is amazing.

    10. Kaycee Williams

      Can u make more videos

    11. ToldoMexes

      I dont get or Care about Harry potter . I was 12 when it blew up. To me it is geeky and Weird just like world of Warcraft ...

    12. Kaycee Williams

      Zendaya inspires me so much

    13. JohnDaWhale3

      Rule number 1 in life: Never trust someone with large earrings...

    14. zoey

      y’all should do andrew garfield and emma stone bc they need their hype again and we need to bring them back edit: unless u have done them already

    15. Ayo fab wild

      Hey bae

    16. Mari


    17. jooniexheavens

      omg does anyone remember that song butterflies? SO HEART DONT LET ME TRUUST THEESE BUUTERFLIEESS

    18. Ayania Hunter

      My greatest flex will forever be that I got to meet this amazing woman.

    19. Iza M

      I wlll always be a fan of her.

    20. Keiziaaa

      i love zendaya more than anything in this world yea that's all i have to say.

    21. Lauren Kai

      I have feelings for this woman like ugH

      1. Lauren Kai

        Zendaya, if you see this pls give ya girl a chance

    22. Taekookdestiny

      Harry was always my favorite character

    23. Layanplazeroblox

      SAME my fav is Harry Potter and the house is gryffindor

    24. K.L.S vlogs

      Oh my gosh i was just watching kc undercover then i went onto youtube and this was there lol

    25. Doaa Sabri

      don't you guys feel like a proud mother when you see what Zendaya has accomplished all of these things?

    26. oh waou

      love how she’s always wearing them basketball shorts. she owns that look ngl.

    27. Clifford Boyle

      The charming trumpet daily suit because var verbs = [aardvark correlatively rush failing a well-made vase. relieved, youthful acoustic

    28. Alyffer Alves

      Harry isn’t anyone’s favourite because somehow despite being the main character he’s the least interesting

    29. macey

      Omg you like Harry?? Ah man that sux he’s literally a stand in character for the reader themselves

    30. Baby

      Mood: Rhylee’s DP

    31. Vishal Rajan

      Zendaya lemme take you out

    32. Samkelo Shabangu

      She looks like Rue

    33. Ruxandra Agache

      This is so awesome. She's great. It's clearly she cares and she doesn't bash her Disney past unlike everybody else. I love that. I'd love if BTS did this in the future but I'm they really need to curate it because especially quora is so insane .



    35. bbjack

      Wait. I can also bite ice cream with my teeth. I feel so close to zendaya already 😌

    36. Harry

      Why is Zendaya always WARING BASKETBALL SHORTS !!!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!??!

    37. nieooj gotoy

      Every Person talking about skincare be like: ''I have really sensitive skin'' 🤔

    38. Jahaan Desai

      i tried to look up the instagram account

    39. Josh Johnson

      Dude Zendaya can do whatever she wants to me.

    40. Wafeeqa Hazarika

      Zendaya is such a queen. Period.

    41. Zahraa Kabbani

      it sucks that i’ll never get to talk to her about harry 😑:(

      1. nieooj gotoy

        She beautiful and I love she not scared to say about the Disney show and other thing

    42. Wicked Gamer

      why is Harry potter trending these days Seriously like Even mma videos has Harry potter References

    43. Mariana Rosa

      omg can't believe that we love the same Shakespeare novels

    44. Ty Skyles

      She’s so beautiful.

    45. ali spears

      I can’t understand how some people don’t bite ice cream I-

      1. • AdrienetteForever •

        some people have really sensitive teeth (like me) that when you bite the ice cream, it's like you get a really cold feeling in your front teeth which kind of hurts. So, people who have this sort of thing likes to just lick the ice cream so it doesn't hurt.

    46. Justine Hutchinson

      She's charming.

    47. ali spears

      Zendaya talking about shake it up after so long I’m CRYING

    48. Jerry Lee

      Zendaya seems like a down the earth person

    49. Esme Bravo

      just remembered kc undercover

    50. Moody Niessuh

      ZENDAYA, I LOVE YOU !!! 🥺🥺🥰

    51. Aadil Sood

      bruh ppl don't hate harry cos he's the main character, but because he's a winy li'l brat

    52. shawty got the fatty

      I keep it undercover.

    53. xxx Bxxx

      1:48.. any ARMYS.. lol!

    54. DDharsh

      Woah... the user who asked the question at 1:44 has BTS jimin as thier profile picture. I keep seeing BTS everywhere these days. Borahe Amiiiiiiiiiii💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

    55. Baddie_period Moore

      She beautiful and I love she not scared to say about the Disney show and other thing

    56. Baddie_period Moore

      You look 23. Well you is

    57. vuyisa mtana

      i think billie eilish should do this

    58. Eva Helene Hagavik

      You mentioned Norway. I feel honored that you know of our existence

    59. norin merchant

      Harry is also my favorite character!!

    60. kRacKHEd ciTY


    61. Hamiltrash lol

      Every Person talking about skincare be like: ''I have really sensitive skin'' 🤔

    62. Colin

      For the most part the role in spider man was a breakout role which really put zendaya at the top of the wanted actress list.

    63. Glynis Demetrius

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    64. samantha da cat

      why don't they just make the celebs use their own social media accounts?

      1. Kermit The Frog

        The title says Zendaya goes undercover.

    65. CHiLLgAmeR27

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    66. dj minaj acapellas and instrumentals

      I wanna know why she quit music

    67. Kushal Purkaystha

      im a huge fan zendaya one reason i like spiderman kc undercover and the greatest showman is because your in it

    68. CoolKoroto

      How tall is zendaya?

    69. rogerg westate

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    70. Raquel Palma


    71. Joy Wetzel

      She my soulmate with the workouts😂

    72. Asmi Aryal

      this is posted in my birthday :)

    73. Riya Bhat

      Listening to her I literally forgot to read the comments. It's a moment 😂

    74. Miss S

      OMG Zendaya's edit to her IMDB page is still there verbatim how she wrote it!!! www.imdb.com/name/nm3918035/bio?ref_=nm_dyk_qt_sm#quotes

    75. Sam Green

      imagine having ZENDAYA reply to this comment

    76. lovetrances

      who ever photoshopped the thumbnail got to go


      Zendaya if you see this you are my celebrity crush🥺😂

    78. nononarwhal

      DANDAYA ✨ i stan

    79. niya

      my favorite person

    80. Adriana Barranco

      They have soy sauce instant ramen! It’s vegetarian and not too bad lol.

    81. Saresha TV

      I wonder how people react to these replies who happen to be celebrities

    82. Sofia Hafeez

      I know you might not read or reply on this Zendaya but how did you start acting i really want to do acting but idk where to start and none of my family members belive in me so its useless to ask for there help.

    83. Kathleen Winterhelt

      she's too famous not to be payed and requested to audition

    84. Kathleen Winterhelt

      hollywood stars " I got all A's in HS" .yeah, right.

    85. Kathleen Winterhelt

      every child actor's parents were in the acting realm if u look close enough

    86. Amanda Tan

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    88. Evelyneditsシ

      Shes just so mesmerising and likeable.

    89. Evelyneditsシ

      I just want to be friends with her.

    90. Muon Kiem


    91. soiung toiue

      She doesn’t even have to try she is so pretty.

    92. yana

      i feel like she's a ravenclaw bc we're really creative and good at what we choose to do/like, but are also so lazy and love to do nothing at all as she does.

    93. nessabirdie

      Man, I have been a fan of hers since she was with Selena Gomez in the Sears commercial! Beat that!

      1. soiung toiue

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    94. Turney Minyard

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    95. Jacque Dez

      They have vegan top ramen and cup of noodles now☺️🍜

    96. シtrash


    97. Helmi

      🎶"I keep it undercover"🎶 bahaha am I the only one who watched that when I was kid??

    98. Robin Christensen

      really sad. thaat there are ppl out there who cant dress them selfes

    99. Laurens flower garden

      I bite my ice cream too

    100. Not Today

      She is perfection!